Marketing Assessment

Welcome Microsoft Partner!

Your customers are savvier than ever in their buying decision processes. Their changing buying behaviors are making marketing a mission-critical function. A healthy customer-optimized marketing strategy maintains your competitive advantages and increases your return on investment (ROI).


By taking the following Microsoft Marketing Assessment, you will be provided insights into your current marketing sophistication level across a number of marketing categories to help you enhance your marketing team’s potential to drive impactful and effective marketing with your customers.


After you complete the assessment, you will be provided with a link to the Digital Marketing Readiness Learning Path, an series of training modules in DM University, the e-learning platform provided by our partner Demand Metric.




1) Complete the form on this page

2) Choose the option that best describes your current situation for each question

3) Get your marketing sophistication level and a link to access DM University

4) Complete the Digital Marketing Readiness Learning Path to enhance your marketing capabilities

5) Drive for results and impact with your customers!