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Engage our community of 100,000+ senior marketers with cost-effective custom primary research, trusted analyst firm content, and lead generation programs.

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Why Demand Metric?

The new paradigm for tech marketing

Our Business Model

  • Research & Content – fuel for engagement
  • Event Audiences – promotion to 100,000+ marketers
  • Lead Generation – connecting buyers & sellers
How We Drive Value into the Ecosystem
  • Members – cost-effective research, tools & advice
  • Partners – affordable primary research, content production and event-based lead generation
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Who Are Our Clients?

Experience producing successful programs

We have conducted over 50 primary research & benchmarking studies, hosted 10 virtual summits and over 150 webinars, and generated over 30,000 leads for our partners.  


If you give us a chance to work with you, you will not regret it.



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Demand Metric has partnered with the top martech companies: Salesforce Pardot, Marketo, Vidyard, Brightcove, ion interactive, Demandbase, ON24, D&B, Brainshark, Act-On, Qvidian, ReadyTalk, SurveyGizmo, Sitecore and dozens more.


Program Benefits

Engage the market with high value content

  • Validate Investment in Your Technology - show real-world results
  • Thought Leader Positioning - bring new insights to the market
  • Understand Market Conditions - trends, adoption rates, and perceptions 
  • Fuel Your Content Marketing Strategy - 20-30 charts & graphs per report for presentation decks, blog posts & social media updates
  • Generate New Leads - reach 100,000+ members with our lead guarantees
↓ Our Audience ↓

Our Audience

Engaged, senior B2B marketers

Currently, we have 100,000+ members that you can engage with research surveys, webinars, whitepapers, video infographics, and executive interviews. 


We add over 25,000 new members to our community each year.  The majority of them are senior marketing managers, directors, VPs and CMOs. 


↓ Programs ↓

"Our largest deal this year resulted directly from our participation in Demand Metric's research and virtual summit program."  


- Kent Potts, EVP & CMO - Skura


Combining research, content and event promotion

Unlike other analyst firms who will rent you an analyst for a webinar - but won't help you promote the event - we help you to engage with our membership community of senior marketers. 


Our programs usually involve primary and secondary research, content production and licensing, launch events, and promotions with lead guarantees.


↓ Research ↓

Primary Research

Custom benchmark studies & reports

Given that just 9% of B2B buyers consider vendors a 'trusted source' of content* and that the most influential content is third-party validated research studies and reports, it makes sense to partner with an analyst firm. But, if you've ever worked with a large analyst firm, you know how expensive that can be.  


* Source: CMO Council

We solve this problem by doing cost-effective primary research for our partners and adding this high value content to our membership offering.  


Check out a sample benchmark report >>

↓ Secondary Research ↓

Secondary Research

Profiles, Case Studies, Focus Groups and Interviews

Qualitative secondary research provides research clients with depth of understanding about their customers.  The insights gained allow better positioning of products or solutions, with messaging that resonates most effectively with the target audience. 


We do executive interviews, focus groups, vendor profiles & case studies to help you better connect with your audience and clearly communicate your value proposition.


↓ Video Infographics ↓
Check out this sample vendor profile & case study 

Video Infographics

Generate excitement about your research

Video has become the preferred method to consume content. Although some people still like to print off a research report or flip though one on an iPad - we find a little sizzle helps to motivate. 


Our professionally animated video infographics summarize the key findings from our research and get people excited to learn more.  Partners tell us that their landing page conversions skyrocket when they embed one of these.


↓ Webinars ↓

Launch Webinars

Drive qualified leads and industry buzz

When we finish a research project with a partner, we don't stop there.  Our goal is to get these new insights and best practices in front of our members, so we promote them heavily with dedicated email sends, on our website and social channels.


Our webinars are turn-key from hosting to production to promotion, but if you'd like to co-present with our analyst, just let us know.


↓ Press Coverage ↓
Check out this sample webinar

Press Coverage

Get covered with 'news-worthy' research

Journalists are hungry for fresh new ideas for articles but usually get a sales pitch when they talk to a marketing technology vendor.  Give them what they need... fresh research! 


We have seen our research (and our partners) covered in Yahoo! Finance, Huffington Post, Forbes, Direct Marketing News, eMarketer, Econsultancy, Marketing Profs, Business Wire, and many other top marketing and business publications.

↓ Content Marketing Fuel ↓

Content Marketing Fuel

Drive your content strategy with fact-based research

In a world with an insatiable appetite for fresh content, it can be difficult to keep your publishing calendar filled with good stuff to share.  Research and benchmark reports provide lots of fodder to keep your audience engage.  


Each report contains 20-30 charts that you can tweet; you can author a blog post series on key research findings; and research is excellent to add to executive presentations, sales decks and webinars.


↓ Qualified Leads ↓

Lead Guarantees

Eliminate your program risk

Other analyst firms charge a ridiculous amount to produce research or speak at a webinar but then leave it up to you to promote that content or do a media buy to drive engagement.  We don't think this is a receipe for generating loads of value and ROI, so we don't do it.


All of our programs provide a minimum lead guarantee so you can rest assured that your investment will generate results and drive revenue opportunities into your pipeline.

↓ Pricing ↓

John Follett

Partner, CMO


Affordable programs for the rest of us

Our programs range between $10,000 and $40,000 depending on deliverables.  


We have heard from many partners that they get a solid ROI from their spend with us and have sourced some of their biggest customers from our community. 


We are usually booked up about a quarter in advance, but have been known to slide in an additional program if the timing is urgent for our partners.


Contact us to discuss your needs and we'll get a proposal to you within 24 hours.


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