Tapping into Consumer Consciousness


Tapping into Consumer Conscious

Why Neuroscience Now?




Consumer neuroscience integrates nonconscious measures to capture responses moment by moment, offering a more complete view of the consumer. Key methods include eye tracking, measurement of brain activity, and facial coding.

Marketers use neuroscience to answer the question: How do consumers’ minds actually work? It can help marketers uncover more data that leads to deeper insights and, ultimately, more effective campaigns.

Although only a small number of respondents (10 percent) attributed revenue growth to the use of neuroscience, those who did said it contributed a sizeable amount (an average of a 16 percent increase in revenue).


The ANA Marketing Futures Program focuses on the innovations and trends that will shape the future of marketing to prepare brands for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. In recent years, the practice of consumer neuroscience has made strides in accessibility and affordability, offering brands a way to understand customers on a deeper level than ever.

Key Statistics

16% is the average percent increase in revenue attributed to neuroscience techniques.

73% of marketers are familiar with some form of neuroscience.

Eye tracking is the most prevalent neuroscience technique with one-third of the marketers having used it.

Future of Neuroscience

Jim Speros

Former CMO

Fidelity Investments

“I think marketing and technology advancements are blooming and overlapping together. I think things like artificial intelligence and virtual reality — things like that — are going to redefine the way we interact with consumers.


We have to be prepared for a world where advertising itself may not be the dominant way we influence people. In a world where consumers have control and they can increasingly tune out marketing messages, how we influence people will shift.”

Expert Views


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Consumer neuroscience is the practice of determining the subconscious factors which effect decision making and using them to drive preference for a product or service.


The ANA and Demand Metric spoke to marketers across industries to get their opinion on the value and viability of this emerging trend, and created a guide for marketers looking to use this neuroscience to create better experience for customers, and drive business growth. 

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ANA Marketing Futures: Our Story

Knowing that marketers are increasingly challenged in their efforts to keep up with the latest trends and technologies, the ANA tasked itself with creating a program designed to help marketers anticipate—and prepare for—the future of marketing.



ANA Marketing Futures is what emerged. With a focus on innovative topics and emerging trends, ANA Marketing Futures provides resources that will influence and inform via member cases, research studies, and insight from industry innovators. Check back often to learn about emerging trends and become inspired to take steps toward the growth of your business.