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The Opportunity

Leverage Demand Metric to grow your revenue

You focus on going deep with clients.  We work at a high level with thousands of marketers around the world.  We both need to provide value and grow revenues.  Its a match made in heaven.


Demand Metric's community has grown very quickly to over 80,000+ members. With that level of scale, we just don't have the bandwidth to provide marketing services to all of them.  That is where you come in.  


Our marketing services partners tell us that it can be difficult to source new clients when they are busy working on delivery for existing customers, and that the sales cycle for an engagement can last as long as 6-12 months.  We can help you with that.


↓ Who Are Our Clients? ↓

Who Are Our Clients?

Global enterprises, mid-market and SMBs

We have over 80,000 members in our community and over 1,000 new members join each month.  In the past 10 years, we've worked with over 2,000 organizations including Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized companies and small businesses.


Our members come from over 150 countries around the world.

↓ Program Overview ↓

"We licensed a Demand Generation assessment and built an online application that qualifies our prospects and drives them through the funnel much faster than before!"  


- Tamara Grunebaum, Principal

Program Overview

Grow your business as a Demand Metric partner


​​We partner with marketing consulting firms and agencies on a number of levels:

  • Assessment Apps - white-label our 50+ interactive assessments
  • DM University - add value to clients with 1,000+ reports, tools & training
  • Referral - we refer our members to you for marketing services
  • Research & Content - position your firm as the industry leader
  • Reseller - get recurring commissions by selling our product
  • Webinars - a spotlight to position you as a thought-leader
↓ Benefits ↓

Program Benefits

Engage your prospects with high value content

  • Source New Customers - tap into our community of 80,000+ members
  • Supercharge your Content Marketing -  provide your prospects with complimentary access to our 1,000+ resources in DM University
  • Increase Lead Conversion Rates - immersive nurture experience
  • Win More Engagements -  help prospects build the case for services
  • Qualify Prospects & Build Need - using an interactive assessment app
↓ Assessments ↓

Interactive Assessments

Qualify prospects with a cool assessment apps

Demand Metric has over 50 marketing assessments to choose from.  We design, build, host and white-label interactive assessment apps to help you qualify new opportunities.


These apps are very interactive for your prospects to engage with your brand and provide a great opportunity to build the need for marketing services.

↓ Referrals from Us ↓

Referrals from Us

Help our members succeed with your services

With over 80,000 members globally, we just don't have the bandwidth to work deeply with all of them ourselves.  Become a services partner and we will send you 'leads' for marketing services engagements from our member-base.


As we are adding over 1,000 new members each month, there is a tremendous opportunity to get your foot in the door with some of the world's top organizations.

↓ DM University ↓

DM University Access

1,000+ reports, tools and training courses

Keep your prospects engaged during the sales process and give them a $995 value-add. We give our services partners 95% discounts on Group membership programs, so you can give logins to DM University to your prospects and customers as a benefit of working with you.


You can also leverage the 1,000+ reports, tools, templates and training courses to create a 'drip nurture' email marketing program to keep your prospects engaged.


↓ Research Programs ↓
Watch overview of Content Marketing course above

Research Programs

Position yourself as an industry leading firm

Provide thought-leadership to the market by collaborating with us on a research study and benchmark report.  We help you position your firm as the industry leaders that provides relevant research statistics and best practices.


Check out a sample benchmark report >>

↓ Reseller Commissions ↓

Reseller Commissions

Get paid on new sales and renewal for our memberships

Many services firm partners tell us that once they have finished their engagement they have nothing more to sell to their clients.  We solve this problem by providing a renewable membership offering you can add to your portfolio. 


For companies requiring continuous access to marketing best practices, research, how-to guides, tools & templates and training & certification programs, you can earn additional revenues by simply setting up a call to show them DM University.

↓ Content Marketing Fuel ↓

Content Marketing Fuel

Drive your content strategy with fact-based research

In a world with an insatiable appetite for fresh content, it can be difficult to keep your publishing calendar filled with good stuff to share.  Research and benchmark reports provide lots of fodder to keep your audience engage.  


Each report contains 20-30 charts that you can tweet; you can author a blog post series on key research findings; and research is excellent to add to executive presentations, sales decks and webinars.


↓ Webinars ↓


Get leads and cement your position as an expert

Let us position you as an industry thought leader.  Our goal is to get new insights and best practices in front of our members, so we promote webinars heavily with dedicated email sends, on our website and via social channels.


Our webinars are turn-key from hosting to production to promotion, so you just have to show up with your slide deck and be ready to captivate your audience.


↓ Getting Started ↓
Check out the sample webinar above

Jesse Hopps

Founder & CEO

Matthew Hunter

Partner, SVP

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Each partner relationship is a little bit different, so we like to start with a blank piece of paper and really get a better understanding of your objectives.  Once we understand what you are trying to accomplish, we share examples of how we have partnered with other organizations who were in a similar situation.  Ultimately, our goal is to see if there is a good fit for working with us on a deeper level.


If you are looking to grow your revenues, sell more projects and retainers, and tap into our growing community of 80,000+ senior marketers, lets set up a call to see how we can work together. 

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