Why Chatbots Now?




A chatbot is an intelligent agent that helps people create value for little effort. In the case of conversational bots, it’s communicated through a SMS messaging interface.

For marketers, chatbots provide an opportunity to reach millennials on the devices they use most: mobile. Additionally, chatbots allow self-service oriented consumers to get answers to their questions very quickly without having to navigate websites searching for information or products.

By making it easier to consumers to shop, especially on their mobile device, chatbots can drive additional revenue growth and provide a competitive differentiator.


ANA Marketing Futures focuses on the innovations and trends that will shape the future of marketing to prepare brands for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Chatbot technology enables companies to bring the experience of an immediate, one-to-one conversation to scale, with a wide range of functions from customer service to companionship. We spoke to marketers and experts across industries to get their opinion on the value and viability of this emerging trend.

Key Statistics

38% say Chatbots will replace traditional techniques.

44% of the time Chatbots are used to provide a streamlined (or real-time) customer service experience.

45% think Chatbots can save money on human labor.

Expert Insights

Brendan Bilko

Co-founder and head of Product and Creative Dexter

"What’s generally missing when it comes to these types of projects is a true focus on the end user. What is the pain point that a chatbot is going to help alleviate?


It’s got to start there, because if there is no reason for the user to use it, then there’s going to be no engagement for us to measure and draft for the next round, and figure out how to iterate on it."

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Chatbots are a fast emerging trend.


ANA research reveals that two-thirds of the marketers surveyed who don’t currently use them said their companies are likely to within the next year.


These marketers were more likely to identify their companies as innovative or as early adopters.

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