Why Blockchain Now?




Blockchain, essentially a massive ledger of transactions, is an open and shared database that operates in a decentralized network format. That means large amounts of information can be transmitted and added onto it without compromising security. Nobody can alter the blockchain, and no single person can destroy it.

Blockchain has proven useful across finance and its application to marketing shows potential in four ways: ad-delivery verification, corporate social responsibility, marketing, and managing consumer data. "

As such, experts believe blockchain can be used to eliminate fraud in ad delivery. It can let consumers know the "story" behind a product in an authentic way. And there are also applications towards corporate social responsibility for brands.

ANA Marketing Futures focuses on the innovations and trends that will shape the future of marketing to prepare brands for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. With its ability to independently verify transactions with 100% accuracy, blockchain technology has the potential to make concerns about ad spend transparency a thing of the past. We spoke to marketers and experts across industries to get their opinion on the value and viability of this emerging trend.

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