B2B Marketing Solutions Finder

B2B Marketing Solutions Finder

Thank you for your interest in the B2B Marketing Solution Finder, part of the ANA’s Marketer’s Edge research program.


In less than 10 minutes you will receive access to ANA resources curated to address your specific marketing needs.


The B2B Marketing Solutions Finder will help you understand which forces are having the most impact on your B2B marketing organization, benchmark you against other organizations, and identify ANA members-only resources you can use to immediately improve your capabilities.


5 easy steps to get started:


1. Complete and submit the form on this page to identify in which segment(s) your company belongs.


2. On the following page, benchmark your organization against the segment personas.


3. Next select the option that best describes your current situation for each required marketing capability revealed in the B2B Marketing research.


4. Review your personalized B2B Marketing Capabilities Matrix to identify areas for improvement.


5. Finally, use the Activation Guide resources to improve your knowledge and find solutions across all ANA curated resources to help you start your journey.